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September 29, 2012
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PHQ : CLAUDE by Hanicha PHQ : CLAUDE by Hanicha
[revamped]Application for :iconpsychedeliquehq:

= Name: Claude Grosvenor (surname pronounced as “ˈgrōv-nər”)

= Age: 21

= Height: 6'1"

= Weight: 65 kg i dunno how to weigh LOL

= Personality:
--------mysterious, unpredictable
--------quite playful and witty in a fight
--------mostly speaks in a sarcastic tone (though he rarely starts a conversation)
--------enigmatic; rarely makes contact with anyone
--------has the habit of erasing all records of him.
--------seme can be uke sometimes when at his limit
--------lady killier
--------can be a bit caring as well? //depends whoever he is with

= Backstory: //edited

Claude, even though bearing the name of the famous Grosvenor's family name(the family of well-known hunters)is actually an orphan from the streets. when he was still a child, he used to work for the syndicate as a thief. although he was loyal and innocent towards them, he never passed a day without being abused. every night he'd be locked up in a cell restrained by chains, crying for death, there were even times he would cry tears of blood. the syndicate knew him as "Grosvenor's Heir", thinking that if they were to sell him, they'd get lots of money. Claude knew nothing of the world, he used to be carefree and mischievous back then, until that fateful day he was sold to "The Lab", a hidden organization that does experiments on children.

He was then given the label, 00CL0817, which is his experiment code. Claude faced more abuses there and once lost is sanity and ability to speak. every hour there would be blood tests and drugs injected in his body, several tests would be held in one day, most likely, not every child brought their would survive the traumatic tests. then, he met one of the professors, Professor Gilles Rosseau, who treated him like a younger brother. although Prof. Gilles was one of the staff in charge to experiment on Claude, he minimized the pain given to Claude. every time Claude spent his time with Prof. Gilles opened his eyes again. eventually educated him, taught him how to fight and gave him a better future.

a few months after meeting Prof. Gilles, Claude at the age of 12, later meets Julia, a young girl described to have long, silky lilac hair. Julia was also one of the children sold to the Lab. the first time Claude laid his eyes on her, he was infatuated by her goddess-like beauty. he eventually makes friends with her and spends more time with her. to the extent they didn't know, someone was watching them from afar. Julia, although she was blessed with beauty, was born with crippled legs, unable to move her lower body. everyday, Claude would bring her to the garden, the only place she dreamed to go. after meeting each other, they both lost their care to the world around them.

Julia: I've always wondered, how it would feel have someone special. You and I are almost they same..being born without a real family...i mean..
Claude: i guess so...*he fakes a smile *
Julia: you know, i just came to realize who that special someone is..*she smiles at Claude*
Claude: hmm? who could that be, Julia?
Julia: *she tries to get off from her wheelchair and fall towards Claude*
Claude: *widens his eyes, catches her* that was close! are you stupid Julia? you know very well that your le---
Julia: *places her index finger to his lips* people say that...when you love someone, you'd be able to do the impossible...*she smiles* but it seems like...i failed to show you my feelings...the person i you Claude..*she smiles again*

Claude was surprised to hear what Julia has just said to him, but he understood her words very well. he hugged her tight, unable to express what he was feeling inside. he never had a real home, nor a real family to run to..but he knew from the start, he had Julia by his side, who has always been watching him. Julia taught Claude how to smile sincerely.

by the time Claude was 15, he was able to gain freedom from the Lab. but it didn't stopped there, things were going smoothly for him, until he was ambushed by assassins and thugs. he knew this situation didn't concern about his name anymore for the Grosvenor's lineage has already been dead and buried. after beating those thugs, he heads to the Lab to know why after so many years his head is still wanted, and to know if Julia and the Prof. are alright and unharmed. by the time he reached that place, everyone was killed, the lab was set ablaze and everything looked as if it was at the gates of hell. everyone, the scientists, and the other people, are out cold, drenched in blood. he makes his way into the burning building and tries to find whoever was still left alive. he then enters the main laboratory, and finds a man standing there, with a gun locked to a maiden's head.


Claude: J-Julia..!! what's going on here..? why is this place on fire...?!


Gilles: why you ask..?
Claude: p-profe...ssor....?? *eyes widen, looks at the gun he's holding, pointing to Julia's head* why...why do this?! and why and you pointing that gun at her..!!
Gilles: some things are better left unspoken...but i'll let you hear a little of my reason...this lab was erase the existence of the likes of your being.. *points the gun to Claude's head*


a gunshot echoed through the corridors of the Lab, the silence engulfed the sound of the burning building. Claude widened his eyes as his vision is drenched in red dye, his arms were carrying the cold body of the lilac-haired maiden, whose blood was pouring to the floor.

Claude: J-...Julia....
Julia: *breathing heavily* Cl.......aude....
Claude: *falls on the floor and holds her tight* please don't say another word..!! it should be me who should---
Julia: *places her index finger to his lips* didn't..deserve to didn't deserve any...of this pain.....dry......your tears......Claude....*she smiles for the last time*
Claude: *tears where falling down his face as he held Julia's cold body tight*...Ju...Julia....Julia...? answer me...Julia..! JUUUULLIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! *he shouts*

he grieved for Julia's death, for the sacrifice she made..

Gilles: what a shit. she was getting in the way...*points the gun at Claude* enough with that, you are about to face dead, any last words of hatred, my pretend little brother? *looks at Claude full of hatred and anger*

driven by his anger, Claude placed Julia's body down and charged directly at Gilles. Gilles was able to evade Claude's first attack and shot him by the shoulder. blood began to drip from Claude's right arm, still, Claude, with only revenge in his thoughts, placed his life on the line, for Julia..and for himself. He gets hold of a sharp mirror fragment and throws it to Gilles' neck, making him drop on the floor and bleed like hell. the building was about to collapse, he carried Julia's body out and left without another word. after he had escaped the lab, it exploded.

daybreak has reached them as Claude placed Julia's dead body in a remote garden, where the flowers there resemble Julia's soft smile and lilac hair. he placed her in a bed of flowers and offered her lilacs to mourn for her. after mourning for her death, Claude left his memories with her and bid farewell.

Claude decided to join PHQ after 2 years at the age of 17. After hearing a rumor that Gilles was still alive, together with his henchmen involved in the lab incident, urged him to join PHQ. his personality has totally switched after hearing that rumor. he will do anything to kill Gilles and pay for his crime.

Claude as of now works as an enigmatic pilot, who specializes in suicidal plane crash missions.(he loves that job). he'd do anything to get rid of the people under Gilles. he even works as an enigmatic butler, waiter, police, gardener, teacher, etc. when he needs to.

= Weapons:

Claude grew up using daggers as his only weapon and learned to love the use of them. He carries the grosvenor’s heirloom, the Obelisk Dagger. Said to be given by his biological father before he gained knowledge of the world.
He also carries a pistol but rarely uses it. He also has a hidden ice pick as well. He can use any weapon he can grab hold of. He also carries a pocket data device that he invented.

= Abilities (i forgot to add >,<)
--------he knows martial arts as well(taekwondo, karate, judo and aikido)//only uses them when he's bored to use his daggers
--------he knows how to stealth; can move quickly.
--------able to handle any kind of sharp object as a weapon.(has good aiming)

= Hobbies:
--------taking various jobs
--------napping under the shade
--------walking around to kill boredom
--------cleaning his daggers
--------being with Dietrich and Diandre //when bored
--------going at high class hotels
--------collecting private data
--------stalking people

= Other Info:
--daggers(even silverwares)
--BIG cats(like leopards, tigers, etc.)
--little children(he's a bit of a pedophile, but not too much, he just loves teasing little kids)
--any type of food, even if it tastes weird -.-
--aircrafts, high class transportations

--questions about him
--burnt food
--the sight of lilacs
--Dietrich //in a sarcastic way…it can still contradict XDD

Extra Stuff to know:

Claude loves to keep his Pilot's hat on. he loves to play around in a fight as well and always shows a quaint smile to everyone. he's quite famous with the ladies as well XD
He also owns tons of things like sports cars, limos, penthouses, etc. he get all the cash from missions. He can accomplish estimated 117 missions a day XDD
He doesn’t even know if he’s really from the Grosvenors…
all he now wants is to erase his past and destroy the remaining puzzle pieces left by "The Lab".

//his label 00CL817 is tattooed on his back, which he tried to burn away once to erase.

**he smokes from time to time btw//shot

*he is french btw.

Birthday: August 17 (a month later i designed him)

smexy voice actor: Hirakawa Daisuke ((sample: [link] --- at 2:28 to 3:36))

asdfghj still rushed and made it ugly cus i dun have a scanner lolololol it's only pencil lineart taken by celly phone camera

Art & Character (c) Aoyama-Hani 2012
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